Apr 16, 2016

A new Chanoyu Demonstration for the Romanian Public: Aestethics, History and practice: Kagetsu

Chanoyu Demonstration at the majestic Grand Hotel Continental, Bucharest, event organized by “Calea Victoriei” Foundation, and Chado Uraseneke Tankokai Romania "Luminis" Association.

The scroll presents an image of Hotei, the poor but the content wandering monk, a possible incarnation of Maitreya, the future successor of Gautama Buddha (also known as Śākyamuni Buddha).

The event, which took place on a beautiful Saturday morning, started with a lecture about Chanoyu – the Japanese Tea Ceremony. The presenter, Gabriel Soga Caciula sensei, invited the public to a magic journey in time about the history and the pillars of philosophy and aesthetics defining the Tea Ceremony.

The public learned about concepts such as respect, purity, modesty, meditative calm, focused attention, harmony.

Following the lecture, the Tankokai Romania "Luminis" students presented to the public Kagetsu - an attention and concentration building tea-practice game. The attention and concentration of the public was also tested – papers with questions about what they saw and understood during the tea-game were given up to the public. Those who answered correctly the questions were given beautiful little gifts.
The event concluded with an offering of sweets and green tea (Matcha) to the public.

The preparation of the room, the tea utensils and of course our minds and hearts.

Welcoming the public.

The lecture.

And now – Kagetsu, the game of attention and concentration.

The participants in the game draw little cards indicating the roles and the things to be done by each of them: who prepares utensils for tea, who is the first guest, who makes tea, who drinks tea etc. There are several rounds where, by drawing cards, the roles change unpredictably. The challenge is to be ready for the new role, to know exactly what you and everyone else have to do while remaining calm and natural.
In a nutshell, Kagetsu looked like in these photos:

Participants enters the tea room.

Cards are drawn. One person prepares the first cup of tea.

Cards are drawn. The person to drink the first cup of tea and the person to prepare the second cup are identified.


Cards are drawn. The person to drink the second cup of tea and the person to prepare the third cup are identified.

Cards are drawn. The person to drink the third and last cup of tea is identified.

The last person to make tea is cleaning the utensils and completes the exercise.

Greetings are exchanged, participants leave the tea room.

The public, by now our friends, is served with sweets and tea.

Our sincere thanks and our gratitude to all who helped.
Here is our team (unfortunately one tea colleague and the technicians missing)
Otsukaresama deshita!

Photos by: Andrada Stancu

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