Mar 11, 2018

Chanoyu Demonstration at Ki Dental Clinic in Bucharest

You can find here a link to a small video from the demonstration:

Chanoyu demonstration @ Ki Dental Clinic

One sunny Sunday morning I was invited to speack about Chado and to perform a demonstration of Chanoyu at a dental clinic. One strange spot one could say. Yet, the dentist is a Ki Aikido sensei and is much in love with the Japanese values and culture.

The interest in Chado increased as we went along with the event. Many questions came from the audience about tea and about Japanese history and culture. I was lucky to have with me Mrs Nishiike Mayo, from the Japanese Embassy, who kindly helped me answering all the questions.

My choice for the scroll was: "Nichi Nichi Kore Ko Jitsu" or:  Every day is a good day

I performed a simple Usucha Hirademae. My guests were Mrs. Pepel Mihaela, dentist and sensei in Ki Aikido and Mihai san, the sun of Mrs. Nishiike Mayo, student in Chanoyu. My assistant, hanto, was Alina Cherata, also student in Chanoyu.

We all enjoyed a happy and quiet moment.

By Cristina Comanac

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