Dec 15, 2015

Other Events in December 2015

There was a nice demonstration held in December 2015 together with Soga sensei at the Asociatia Tinerii de Succes, from where we do not have pictures, but we can at least thank the Association for their invitation and nice welcome!

Also in December 2015 , 3 new students joined our School, whom we gladly welcome!
Handling of certificates by Gabriel Sooga sensei :

Dec 14, 2015

Reception by the Japanese Embassy in Romania in December 2015

Pe data de 10 decembrie a avut loc la Hotelul Marriott din Bucuresti receptia organizata cu ocazia zilei de nastere a Maiestatii Sale Imparatul Japoniei, gazduita de catre E.S. Dl. Ambasador si Doamna Kisaburo Ishii.

Pentru mai multe detalii, dati click pe situl   Ambasadei Japoniei in Romania .

Multumim pe aceasta cale Ambasadei Japoniei pentru ajutorul acordat de-a lungul timpului si pentru stransa colaborare.

Excelenta Sa Dl Ambasador al Japoniei la Bucuresti impreuna cu Dna Ambasador, Vicepresedintele asociatiei Chado Urasenke Tankokai Romania "Luminis" Cristina Comanac si Sorina Mann, Radiodifuziunea Romana, colaboratoare si prietena. 

Nov 30, 2015

Robiraki 2015

In wintertime we change the place of the fire. We get it closer to the guests, in the centre of the tea-room. The first use of this hearth is very importance in Chanoyu world and it's practice. This day shall also be the first day we use the new green tea for this tea-year. This tea shall be used throughout the year, until the next November.
The hearth is called Ro. We say we "open" the ro in November. It is a formal event when the tea master can and will probably will perform himself the tea ceremony. It is very seldom that the tea master does himself a tea ceremony in front of his students, probably the only one time in a year, therefore it is very important for them.
This year our sensei, Sooga, performed Bon-Kogo temae for the making of the fire, and Tsuzuite Usucha for the think tea (Koicha) and the thin tea (Usucha). He had been helped by our day-to-day instructor, Cristina san, in making Usucha. A very good meal, called Kaiseki, had been prepared between the making of the fire and the tea.

We had special guests for this ceremony, Mrs Sanda Rosescu and her friend Simona Sora, to whom we thank deeply for their participation.

Oct 19, 2015

Autumn 2015 in London

Kimura sensei from Urasenke branch in London officiated the handing of Chanoyu certificates to our student.
We deeply thank Kimura sensei.

Jun 22, 2015

Chabako demo at "Infinitea"

In June 2015 we were pleased to perform a Chabako demonstration in a beautiful garden of a most known Tea House in Bucharest, "Infinitea"

Jun 20, 2015

Kagetsu Chabako in the Japanese Garden

Enjoying the sun for a Kagetsu Chabako in the Japanese Garden in Bucharest

May 20, 2015

Demonstration at Yashi Dome

In Mai 2015 we held a demonstration at our friends from Yashi Dome and their friends, who are living and working in Romania, but have different nationalities. We were happy to offer a cup of tea to people from all over the globe, from Brazil to Israel.

Mar 30, 2015

Rikyuki Celebration

28th of March 2015  we've held Rikyuki, the celebration of 424 years since the death of Sen no Rikyu, the father of Chado. The ceremony consists in offering tea in the memory of the tea master, preparing the fire and share tea for the rest of the guests. The event was followed by a seminar with the students.

Mar 12, 2015

EVENT: Ceremonia Japoneza a Ceaiului la Grand Hotel Continental

Saturday, March 28 at 11:00am 
Chado Urasenke Tankokai Romania "Luminis", impreuna cu Fundatia Calea Victoriei organizeaza o prelegere si o demonstratie de Ceremonia Ceiaului, sustinuta de Maestrul de ceai Gabriel Caciula (Soga).

Va invitam sa descoperim impreuna Chanoyu – ceremonia japoneza a ceaiului – in cadrul unui eveniment care include o prelegere despre elementele din Taoism, Confucianism, Zen si Shintoism care au contribuit la crearea spatiului spiritual care defineste ceremonia ceaiului.

Prelegerea va fi sustinuta de exemplificari pentru recunoasterea acestor elemente in ceremonia ceaiului contemporana si urmata de o demonstratie a acestei ceremonii (in costumatie specifica) si de invitatia de a degusta impreuna o cana de ceai verde.
Mai multe detalii:  aici

Feb 2, 2015

February Events ...

Sooga sensei in Romania, where we held Hatsugama, demonstration on a far away land, and a seminar

Hatsugama is a ceremony celebrating the new year. The calligraphy in the alcove is "Kotobuki" which means "Celebration" or "Long Life".

The willow is also a symbol of prosperity in China and Japan.
This road leads to Sighisoara, an old city in Romania, where we have been invited by a Japanese company to held a ceremony at their event.

Soga sensei finished his visit in Romania with a seminar for beginner and advanced level practitioners.

Jan 10, 2015

First TEA !

The children made their first real tea today, and they did it well!They invited their parents for a cup of tea. Total success !