Nov 16, 2019

Chado and Kyudo at the University of Bucharest and supported by the Japanese Embassy

The month of November in Romania is always the "Japanese month". Every year, every week, every day of November there is some event about the Japanese culture. This year we happened to do Chanoyu for the public with the Kyudo Association (the Japanese Arc), and later on we"ll do with Aikido practitioners.

His Excellency The Japanese Ambassador Mr. Noda was present and opened the event, Mrs. Professor Focseneanu  organized it, and we played along.

There was much concentration in the audience, as well as joy, which was so good to feel.

The big room was settled for the tea and the archery.

Everyone had so much to say about this interesting culture, we all felt we could have gone on forever.

... And so, the practice started:



After enjoying a cup of tea and feeling the calm and quite that they both created, the atmosphere  went even more deeply into tranquillity and harmony with the perfectly tuned three Kyudo practitioners:

 Trying out the big bow and the small tea objects: