Feb 25, 2016

Articol despre ceai in Chili Papper

Dna Andra Ilias a scris din nou despre ceai. Ii multumim pe aceasta cale pentru interes si sprijin!
Puteti urmari pe situl Chili Papper interviul acordat de Cristina Comanac, Vicepresedintele asociatiei Chado Urasenke Tankokai Romania Luminis, despre practica dansei:

Articol despre Chado cu maestrul de ceai Gabriel Soga Caciula

In cadrul unui eveniment organizat de JW Steakhouse Bucuresti la Marriott hotel, unde am fost invitati sa oferim ceai Excelentei Sale Dl Ambasador al Japoniei si invitatilor Sai, am avut placerea sa oferim un interviu Dnei Andra Ilias, reporter al revistei Trends HRB.
Va recomandam articolul:
" Japonia deschide drumurile internationale la JWS, cu ceremonia ceaiului "

Feb 15, 2016

Chanoyu and Japanese cuisine at JW Steakhouse in Bucharest, Marriott Hotel

We've had the great pleasure of offering a cup of tea to His Excellency, the Ambassador of Japan in Romania, Mr. Kisaburo Ishii and his invitee, for the "Japanese week" organized by the JW Steakhouse in Bucharest.

We deeply thank to both the Japanese Embassy and JW Steakhouse Bucharest for inviting us to their event.

Together with the PR of the restaurant, who carefully organized the event, we welcomed our guests.

Sweets were made by our patisser, Miyuki - Do.
Gabriel Caciula Soga sensei performed Ryurei temae and had been helped by two Hanto (Cristina Comanac and Andreea Stanca), together with other students.

We thank all of them for their support.

Feb 14, 2016

Seminar in Bucharest

We have been so fortunate so far as to already have a second seminar this year with Soga sensei!

After the cold January when we hold Hatsugama and had to intensely work to make a path through the snow for our guests, February came with the enchanted spirit of Yuki-ma no kusa (young sprouts coming out through the crust of the snow), where there is no winter, no spring, no clear emotion to calm the spirit, but waiting for the slowly birth of the nature.

Koicha temae-s (thick tea procedures) filled in the seminar, with an intimate, warm feeling, and students working hard on their path.