May 31, 2012

Spring 2012:  A word from Sensei...

Hello everyone,

The purpose of this blog is not only to present the activities that our association undertakes when practicing or performing demonstrations.
We want this blog to be the place where we communicate, we put questions, receive answers, express our opinions. If you wish to place a comment please do so by clicking the blue tag COMMENTS below each post.

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Diana Paun said...

Ziua buna!
Sensei, puteti sa imi spuneti, va rog frumos, cateva gomei pentru koicha?
Va multumesc, Diana

Sensei said...

Dear Diana,
We will shortly have English as the language to communicate on this blog. This to allow people outside Romania to comment if they whish so.

Regarding your question about Chashaku names when performing a koicha temae, here are some that you may use:
a-un / om -all encompassing mystical entity.
chu-mon / gate (soto-uchi roji garden)
dai-ji / great compassion
dai-shin / great truth
enso/ zen circle
hey-jo-shin / With Pure Heart
i-shin / one pure heart
ju / luck
kan / checkpoint, space, house
kisako / just have a cup of tea
kokoro / heart
kotobuki / longevity
mu / nothingness, emptiness
mu-ichi-butsu / No one thing (spiritual freedom)
mu-shin /no mind
seiyu / pure friendship
tai-chu no gen/ the body of the undefinable

You know better than myself the difficulty of expressing a kanji meaning in English. Please be patient with my translations