May 1, 2019

OHANAMI - be it sun or rain, it is the thing of the day and people come by thousands to quickly understand Japan

Yes, the title is true. O-hanami is by all means a wonderful moment to reconnect with the Nature coming back to life, to breath the wind of a new life, to observe the delicate existence of beauty right in front of your nose, in short, to re-establish a fundamental contact between Man and Nature.

People are people. The intention is noble. But they may skip the heavy fundamentals and simply enjoy being together, sipping  a cup of tea, listening to Taiko drummers, trying to dress in a Yukata, having a sake and taking photos, lots of photos, amidst the un-touchable ephemeral beauty of the cherry blossoms.

This year, we finally got the UMBRELLA of all umbrellas. In fact, the classic Japanese parasol, a faithful partner of any outdoor tea ceremony.

Please, enjoy the moment together with us. It was three weeks ago (((((:, but it took long to get hold of the photos

The Queen of the event - the red bamboo sun umbrella - everything else happens under its pleasant filtered light

Early in the morning, ready to start organizing things
A visitor from abroad with years of tea practice has the pleasure to offer a cup of fresh green tea to the Japanese Ambassador and his wife joined by the American Ambassador. Hanto, the helping person - Cristina sensei. All surrounded by visitors seeing this for the first time
Offering okashi

Offering tea to a group of international scientists using a chabako procedure

Explaining the way to drink matcha to an expert in Turkish tea. The art of communication at work.

Happy to be of service Sir! - even if I have to serve matcha in plastic cups. Please excuse me, I have to rush, the line is long and people lose their patience.

Mission Impossible accomplished!
Sincere thanks to all who helped!

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