Oct 30, 2016

Practice in Octomber

October, at last. What a strange month October is! I see it a month of transformation, of transition, of full "proper" autumn.
Summer has past and tea seminars were none, everyone enjoyed summer holidays, the sun, the heat, the splendour of the vegetation.
Tea in summer has such a different taste than tea in October. The withered, the melancholy, the changing colours, the slight beginning of the loneliest season of the year. Not warm, not cool, not summer, not winter, not the full life of everything, not the dying of everything, but in between. October is in between, and so is the placement of the fire in Chashitsu, in between. The fire moves slightly towards the guests, as it is colder. The procedures are of humbly nature, the tea is made in a simple way.

Gogyo dana is the name of the shelf used in this month, the five element shelf, everything is united and placed in the centre of tatami.

I must say that this kama is not a kama good for this shelf, it is for Tsurigama, but please excuse us for using it, we have no other kama to use for furo.

Fire is made, in Shozumi (the first making of the fire) and Gozumi (the second making of the fire) as well.

 Koicha temae made by our students.

Lessons for the host and for the guests.

New students practised Ryaku bon procedures, a simple way to make a bowl of tea.

Cristina Comanac

Jul 10, 2016

Practice in July

My hopes for another seminar in Bucharest so soon were not hight; yet it happened and I was more than happy. Practice, practice, practice. The best way to learn, to create the discipline of the mind and body that one needs. I can hardly imagine anything better than this Chanoyu practice. Thank you Gabriel sensei, for your visit and seminar!

We received a wonderful present. This scroll, made by Staf Deamns sensei.

 We enjoyed a simple and nice practice, with more basic procedures, as preparing the fire in furo, usucha and koicha temae.

"He's good, I can tell", said sensei's replacement, the cat.
 Cristina Comanac

Jun 17, 2016

Tea Seminar in June

This summer is full of warmth and flowers. Linden flowers' smell is everywhere in Bucharest, which gives a relaxing mood, especially in the morning end very late in the evening. Opening the window of our chashitsu brings in this smell, together with the song of blackbirds.

We have found it a good day to practice Mawaribana. I will help understanding of Mawaribana with this painting:

"All is vanity" or all is in vain... While the sun, the earth or the moon will always be
there, what we do ... is never new, and is never going to last. How can we accept this, how much wisdom do we need and how will we symbolize it? There is more to Chabana than just cutting flowers and find a nice arrangement, pleasant to the eye. While I make a flower arrangement I stay with this feeling and I try to symbolize it: beauty and grief for what it is to not last, in the same time.

Mawaribana is an exercise where 5 of us are trying in turn to make a flower arrangement, with their feelings and creativity.
Chanoyu does not stop, though it does, to the making of a cup of tea. The art of the flower arrangement, the art of appreciating incense, for example, are part of Chanoyu.
I find it very hard to describe in words something about smell.
Earth sustained fire, fire burnt the wood, which transformed into a pleasant wind, with a thin fragrance.

 In the hot summer, the feeling of fresh water is like peace on a battlefield.

Special tea procedures for this feeling, hoping the guest feels better.

 More practice for new and old.

As the day went by, and we came closer to sundown, we enjoyed the melancholy of the think tea.