Oct 15, 2018

Musée Guimet - Paris, a message of Peace to commemorate 100 years from WWI

The colloquium “Zen and the Arts – Practique, Tea, Painting and Poetry” was part of the Museum’s decision to celebrate with a hymn to Peace, the passing of one hundred years from a terrible mistake of the mankind – the First World War (1918).

The museum invited several important personalities to speak about their life and work in the realm of “Zen and the Arts” as a way to Peace.

Urasenke Tankokai Romania-Luminiș Association was fortunate to be allowed to participate and be of some help. We are grateful to the organisers for this opportunity.

The speakers focused indeed on the amazing and many times surprising association of these categories "Practique, Tea, Painting and Poetry", which intertwine to create a world apart a world governed by the human spirit and the principles of Zen.

At the end of the colloquium tea was served to the audience in the spectacular simplicity, minimalism and quietness of the Museum's chashitsu.

The speakers talked about so many subjects, all related to Zen. But in the end, they talked about the same thing: about their life, about the values of life, the importance of cultivating aesthetic values, the importance of respect, of compassion, of paying attention to every little detail, of doing everything with love. This is the way of Zen. And this is a way through which Peace can be manifested.

If this is true, if Zen is indeed a way to Peace, then the museum had a divine inspiration organising this colloquium. A cup of Tea is indeed a cup for Peace.

Group photo in front of the Musee Guimet Chashitsu

Kobori Geppo Osho - signing into the book of honoured visitors

Team building

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