Oct 1, 2018

The departure of His Excellency, Mr. Ambassador Kisaburo Ishii

Three years passed in no time and here we are, emotions all over us, listening  the good bye speech of a man who, together with his wife, had the most impressive impact in the continuously improving relations between Romania and Japan - economic, politic and cultural.

Under Mr. Ishii's watch, the Prime Minister of Japane, Mr. Shinzo Abe and his wife visited Romania -the first visit of this kind, two major economic projects have been brought to the start position, Japan's investment in Romania grew substantially, the bilateral economic exchanges grew and are healthier than ever.
As a small association, active to introduce to the Romanian public the magic of the Japanese culture, we are grateful for the large number of cultural events, for the numerous cultural exchanges, for being able to now choose in Bucharest among 36 or more Japanese restaurants, to study Japanese in many locations, to walk through a Japanese garden or remember the peace of mind sipping a cup of tea in the new Tea House at the National Museum of Art.

YES, now we have a Japanese garden and a reason to long for the Hanami festival in the spring.
And YES, now we have a Japanese Tea House, a Chashitsu, a real Chashitsu at the Romanian National Museum of Art.

The man simply put passion, energy, good will and compassion in everything he did. And his wife, Mrs. Sachiko Ishii did not want to fall behind.
Mr. Kisaburo Ishii and his wife Sachiko are now back in Japan. But they remain in our hearts.

Mr. Ambassador Kisaburo Ishii and Mrs. Sachiko Ishii, we wish both of you good health and the continuation of the good work you do together. Please visit us at any time! You'll be always welcome!
The Good-Bye Party
Together with His Excellency Mr. Ambassador Kisaburo Ishii, his wife Sachiko and Prof. Kazuo Tanaka, Technical Director at the Extreme Light Infrastructure Nuclear Physics European Project, currently in implementation in Bucharest.

Chanoyū - offering a cup of tea at the Romanian National Museum of Art

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